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Chalkidiki is a colorful canvas, all year round. It has three peninsulas: Athos (east), Kassandra (West) and Sithonia (in the center). The capital of the prefecture is Polygyros, which is centrally located and built where Ancient Apollonia used to be. All the houses are overlooking the bay enjoying a fabulous view, as they are amphitheatrically built on the foot of Mount Cholomon.

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There are numerous ancient cities in the prefecture of Chalkidiki that blossomed during the prehistoric age. The town of Ancient Stagira is located about 500 metres southwest of Olympiada, on the small mountain peninsula of Liotopi. Numerous archaeological findings certify the very existence of this town during the ancient and the Byzantine years. You should definitely visit the place where the Greek philosopher Aristotle was born and where his grave currently is.

Olynthus, son of Hercules, was considered the mythological founder of the town that bears his name, on the hill named Megale Toumba near the village of Myriophyto. The modern city, formerly Myriophyto, now called Olynthos or Nea Olynthos, sits on a small plateau on the western side of the river Olynthios or Resetenikia (in ancient  times known as Sandanus), across from the ruins of the ancient city. Today, apart from the very interesting archaeological site, tourists may also visit the Archaeological Museum to learn about the ancient city, the life of the inhabitants,  ancient coins and also pictures from its restoration.


You can get to Chalkidiki, Ouranoupolis and Mount Athos by bus from Athens and Thessaloniki.


The Kassandra peninsula is known for the magical, sandy beaches, most of which are very well organized, while impressive hotels can be found along the coastline.


Sithonia is a peninsula of outstanding natural beauty, long sandy beaches, historical monuments and traditional buildings.


Ouranoupoli is the last town that one can visit before entering the World Heritage Site and autonomous polity in the Hellenic Republic, Athos which is home to 20 Christian Orthodox monasteries under the direct jurisdiction of the patriarch of Constantinople.


Located on the west side of Kassandra peninsula, swim in the beaches of Sani, Siviri, Fourka, Posidi, Nea Skioni and Ag. Paraskevi. On the east side one can find Pefkoxori, Pigadikia (with white sand), Afitos and Nea Fokaia.


On the west side of Sithonia, visitors will find the beautiful beaches of Nikiti, Lagomandra, Neos Marmaras, Tristinika and Toroni. On the east side do not miss Kalamitsi, Sarti, Ahlada, Armenistis, Vourvourou, Tripiti as well as the secluded bay Lerissos with numerous exceptional bigger and smaller beaches.

Porto Carras Grand Resort

With 14 restaurants, 4 bars and lounges as well as 3 pool bars, Porto Carras Grand Resort ensures the ultimate dining experience in Chalkidiki.



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