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Chania is one of the most beautiful and popular cities in Greece, visited by thousands of people every year, from Greece and the rest of the world. There is a special aura about this city, as well as about the whole prefecture of Chania, probably due to the rich history of the region. Before you visit Chania, check out our travel guide and enjoy the best local tips of the city.

Your Chania travel guide

Words cannot describe the natural beauty of this place. Endless sandy beaches, the impressive and imposing mountain range of Lefka Ori (White Mountains) in the southern part of the prefecture, the Samaria Gorge and so much more. The architecture of Chania has been influenced by the Venetians and the Turks. Even though the tourism infrastructure is blooming, the city hasn’t lost its authentic charm. The Venetian port and the narrow little paved streets, which lead to the traditional neighborhoods of the old town, are packed during the summer, by mesmerized visitors.


Chania is connected to the port of Piraeus. It is also connected by air to Athens.

Old town

A labyrinth of charming alleyways, interesting archaeological discoveries, the picturesque districts of Kastelli, Topanas and Halepa and the evident influence of the Venetians compose a truly magnificent Old town that will take your breath away.

Old Venetian Harbor

Built by the Venetians, the Old town of Chania is packed with cafes, restaurants, bars and shops, exuding a unique atmosphere. Take endless strolls and admire the famous Egyptian lighthouse.


There are about 18 gorges in Chania, but the best known is the Samaria Gorge. It is one of the biggest gorges in Europe and it’s about 18 km long.

Local gastronomy

Locally produced cheese, such as Gruyere, Cretan wine labels, bread and aromatic herbs are only some of the famous local products of Chania. Try kaltsounia, a fried pasty filled with cheese or greens.


Famous for its pink sand, Elafonisi is one of the most popular beaches in Chania. Dive into its crystal clear, transparent waters.


Turquoise waters, soft golden sand and breathtaking views. Balos beach is a must visit while in Chania!


Five different beaches divided by sand dunes compose the amazing Falasarna, located in an area which is part of Natura 2000.

Seitan Limania

Not so easily accessible, but with beauty that amazes, Seitan Limania is a narrow canal of light blue waters and high cliffs all around.

Cabana Mare, Chania

Cabana Mare is the ultimate luxurious beach club in Chania offering elegant, tropical atmosphere and exceptional services.

Agia Marina, Chania
Tel: +30 6986995095

Thalassino Ageri

Located in Tabakaria, Thalassino Ageri is a traditional fish tavern with picturesque views and magnificent surroundings.

Tabakaria, Chania
Tel: +30 28210 51136

Antigoni Restaurant

Antigoni is a traditional restaurant located at The Old Venetian Harbour of Chania.

Akti Enoseos and Defkalionos Corner, Old Venetian port
Tel: +30 28210 45236



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