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Explore your travel guide to Corfu and discover the Ionian island of amazing landscapes, cosmopolitan atmosphere, history and mythology. Corfu is blessed with verdant nature all the way to the water, beaches with rare sand, picturesque trails ideal for hiking and trekking and an amazing sea bed waiting to be discovered by those who love diving.

Your Corfu travel guide

Corfu is where god Poseidon brought the nymph Korkyra after abducting her in order to marry her. The island has been under Venetian rule for centuries and the Venetian architectural influence is apparent all around the old city. The contemporary capital of the island is a modern town with a variety of amenities, a big market, cafés, restaurants, bars, but also cozy little taverns.

Venetian palaces, fortresses, royal gardens, Knight Gateways, exceptional architecture and a powerful tradition reflect the beauty and significance of Corfu. Under the rule of Turks and Italians for years, a mosaic of civilizations has left their mark in the capital and all the island’s villages.


Corfu is accessed by boat from the ports of Igoumenitsa and Patras. Igoumenitsa is about 450km from Athens. You can also reach the island by air, from Athens and Thessaloniki. During the summer months there are a lot of charter flights connecting Corfu to other foreign countries.

Old town

Corfu’s capital has been officially declared a Kastropolis (castle city) by the Greek government. One of the most important landmarks in the old city is Liston. The Old Fortress, the Spianada Square, the New Fortress, the Boschetto Park and the City Hall Square are only some of the historical sites you should admire.

Local gastronomy

The local gastronomy is based on Mediterranean flavors and is influenced by the Italian, Balkan and British cuisine. Taste fish bourdeto or bianco, pastitsada, stakofissi, cod with onions, cuttlefish with maccaroncini or any other local pasta.

Easter in Corfu

Easter in Corfu is a unique experience, as it is probably the most famous season to visit the island. Experience the local tradition on Holy Saturday morning, when locals celebrate the First Resurrection throwing clay pitchers from their balconies.

Crystal clear waters

Crystal clear waters against the backdrop of lush green landscapes compose a breahtaking swimming experience in Corfu. Visit Sidari, Agios Gordios, Glyfada, Cavos, Acharavi, Benitses and Palaiokastritsa.


Rich nature, fresh air and running waters are combined with tasty Greek cuisine of local and Mediterranean dishes and amazing hospitality.

Chlomatiana, Corfu
+30 2661 075851

Corfu Sailing Club Restaurant

Classical dishes meet new creations inspired by Mediterranean and Greek cuisine made from fresh selected products.

Mandraki, Old Fortress
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