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Forty-six amazingly beautiful, historic villages, where stone and wood dominate, compose one of the best secret destinations in Greece. Imposing churches, mansions, stone fountains, museums, monasteries, luxurious guesthouses and locally produced delicacies await to be discovered. Read your travel guide to Zagorohoria and discover why these villages are the pride of Epirus!

Your Zagorohoria travel guide

The villages of Zagorohoria are gifted with incomparable natural beauty. They stretch all the way from the west –where the slopes of Mount Timfi and the famous Vikos Gorge are set, until the east where a series of wavy hills are covered with deciduous forests.

The region is also an extremely important natural habitat, with a vast variety of flora and fauna. There are hundreds of mammals and other animals nesting there. This is why the region has been included in the Natura 2000 Networking Program, a Europe-wide network of sites, tasked with the preservation of the natural heritage.

The secret paradise of Zagorohoria is located in Epirus region. Set at the northwest of Greece, the region is one of the best-kept secrets in the country and an amazing destination for alternative activities to visit all year round.


Zagori can be accessible by bus from Ioannina city.

Vikos gorge

Vikos gorge is listed as the deepest gorge in the world by the Guinness Book of Records. Vikos gorge, the heart of the Vikos – Aoos National Park icollects the waters of a number of small rivers and leads them to Voidomatis.

Stone bridges

The stone bridges of Zagorohoria are considered architectural masterpieces. In the past, they were vitally important as they were interconnecting the villages of the region. Today, there are dozens of single, double or triple arched bridges. The most well-known are the ones of Kokoros, Misios and Kalogeriko.


46 fairytale stone-built villages await you for endless exploration. Visit the mysterious Megalo and Mikro Papigo against the backdrop of Astraka, the charming Aristi and the scenic Vitsa, Monodendri, Kipi, Dilofo and Tsepelovo.

Local gastronomy

The villages of Zagori hide precious culinary treasures. Wild mushrooms from Pindos National Park, delicious traditional pies with cheese and greens, chestnuts, forest fruits and fresh dairy products are only some of the gems of the local gastronomy.

For nature lovers

Rafting in Voidomatis, skiing in Metsovo Ski Center, hiking at the alpine Dragon Lake, else called Drakolimni or mountain-biking in Pindos? If you are an adventurous type of traveler, Zagorohoria will charm you.

Sta Riza

Authentic Greek dining in the village of Vitsa.

Vitsa, Elati of Zagori

Tel: +30 2653 071550

Kanela & Garyfalo

Creative cuisine with emphasis on wild mushrooms collected in the forests of Zagori.

Vitsa, Zagori

Tel: +30 2653 071671



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